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Frequently Asked Questions

who is beyond boss for?

Beyond Boss is for any woman, in any phase of life or career path that is looking for personal and professional development opportunities. We offer a wide range of virtual classes for our members, and our events cover a wide variety of topics. 

is this a safe space for trans women?

Hell yeah! If you identify as a woman, you are welcome and wanted  here!  Beyond Boss is for bad ass women all walks of life.

how can i be involved for free?

Join our Facebook group and connect with the incredible women there personally or professionally, enjoy our free resources on the blog, on social media, and on the podcast, and get on our email list!

i want to join insiders or attend an event, but i am struggling financially 

Apply for a scholarship.  We offer sponsored memberships and event tickets.  No questions asked, all we request is that if/when you are able to pay, you let us know.  

are you hiring or welcoming contributors?

We are not currently hiring, but we are always welcoming contributors for our blog, podcast guests, and Insiders class hosts!  Contact!

why "beyond boss"?

As women, we have a million things to juggle.  We are Beyond our work, our homes, our families. We are BEYOND BOSS.

can you promote my product?

We are always open to collaborations with brands that fall in line with our values and vision.  Email